Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weather-Who Knew?

Good Morning Friends...

It has been roller coaster weather here in Louisiana...who knew with all of this bitter cold rainy and icy weather we would get snow also!

                                                          Snowing In Natchitoches         
This picture was taken outside my sister's house in Natchitoches LA Tuesday night. In some areas it was ankle deep. For us, that is a lot! I still can't believe how quiet and still everything is after it snows. 

  On the way back home the interstate still had patches of ice and drivers were driving too fast...I guess trying to get where they were going before the interstate was closed.
  Suddenly just in front of me one car started to slide and before I knew it there was a bad pile-up! I had the presence of mind to slow down almost to a stop rather than brake which saved me from sliding into the pile... 

 This delayed us two more hours. I was terribly shaken because of seeing the victims etc. being pulled from those cars. Two 18 wheeler's were in it too and there were fatalities. It was  very distressing and I was still shaking after arriving home. I was so thankful to be there in the warmth and safety of home and to see my fur-babies. They were comforting after that harrowing day!

 You hear of accidents like this but actually witnessing it is altogether different. I know many of you have to drive in this type of weather more often and I certainly don't envy you one bit...but I do want to say... please be for yourself and the other person too! 

  Taking risks is for hot-heads and speed demons! Those same ones that were driving too fast in that accident were the ones who caused others to lose their lives and their lives too! Be Safe, drive safe...the life you save may be your own!!

We Sure Hope You Have A Lovely Weekend...

Love & Best Wishes To All,
Loretta & Family

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