Saturday, January 4, 2014

Premiere's Sunday Night

Happy First Saturday 2014....

  We hope you have gotten off to a great start this Year. One of the events I'm looking forward to is the Premiere of a favorite series, Downton Abbey airing Sunday January 6, 2014 on PBS 9PM EST...check  your local listings.

Season 4 promises to be very good considering Matthew had gone on to greener pastures. The writers didn't allow his departure to deter any plans in their scheme of things. Of course, new blood is promised
with a storyline that is sure to draw Downton's fans in for a season of interest and intrigue. 

The storyline will begin 6 months after Matthews death with Mary still mourning his death. Little George...the new male heir has yet to find his mother's arms.

  OH you can see I an a Downton Abbey fan and if you have not yet...please join us and watch the first episode this Sunday night...we just know you will love it! 

  We know the weather has brought many of you much cold snow and rain in some areas... Please, take care and keep warm! Don't take unnecessary chances exposing yourself to the bitter cold. Bundle up if you must...
  Wishing you a Wonderful New Year 2014!
Best Wishes,

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