Saturday, August 24, 2013

Southern Potato Salad Dinner

Welcome to Our House! 

   Come on in and visit for a spell. I sure could use your help in the kitchen today. I'm still having problems with my sight so, I'm moving a bit slow. I just started to make my potato salad, the post will start as a tutorial today. As you can see, I've chopped the pickles, onions, bell peppers are frozen...those on the bush are too small. I have the eggs and olives ready too.

I'm now adding  the chopped veggies above, see how colorful it is?

Now the mayonnaise and mustard. I wanted mustard today with the meal that I have. Mix is all until it is well blended.

I like to make it look presentable by adding to the top slices eggs, olives and a little paprika for color 

Daun helped me to prepare the meal by making sure I didn't make a mistake, importantly, have an accident!

I wanted veggies so, I settled on having greens and candid sweet potatoes with ham and the potato salad. I don't eat much meat however, this ham has good flavor and is very tender. It is a Smithfield. 

  The apple berry crisp is very good Daun surprised us with!  Now, come on and pull up a chair and have some down-home-southern-cooking...there is iced tea in the refrigerator. Help yourself...there's aplenty!
Thank you all so much for visiting and helping me to get the salad done. Wasn't that fun! 

  We wrote a post about my visit to doc's on the pet blog  if you would like to read.*

   I want to Wish You a Blessed Sunday and remember...
Family Matters!

Best Wishes To All,
Loretta and the Gang

*Please overlook my type-o is getting harder to focus especially in the evening when I'm tired!


  1. Sounds delicious! Thanks Loretta! Maggie

  2. I'm hungry and my mouth is watering!!! I'm always looking for the ultimate potato salad recipe. I'm giving yours a try!!!

  3. Aw see now Loretta! Now I am going to want to some potato salad! Maybe I will go ahead and make some today. The I will have to bbq some chicken...and make some veggies...don't forget some desert. Maybe I will just go buy some potato salad and leave it at that. LOL LOL It won't be as good as yours though.

  4. Thank you all for stopping by love your comments. Have a great day!

  5. I so miss your Sunday dinner posts. That potato salad looks wonderful. I'm sorry to hear you are still having eye problems. I will pray that will get better soon. Give James a hug for me.

  6. Dear Loretta, I would love to pull up a chair and join you. That looks like delicious Southern cooking. Thank you for the tutorial on the potato salad. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers.
    I think of you very often. Blessings my dear and hugs, Catherine xo


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