Thursday, May 2, 2013

An Update On Our Porch

   Good Afternoon, Happy May Days are Here! 
I have slowly been working on my yard gardens and everything else in between.  I took a few photos to show you what I've done so far. I don't know if I mentioned to you I am doing the work, so it will take me a while to get done. I have to work a little, then sit a bit...and it keeps on in this repetitive way, so I don't aggravate the dreaded fibro, etc. So far I'm doing well! 
  The rain is all I'm  dealing with now. But I'm not complaining because it is really helping my grass and garden. Enough of this said...time for you to click on the, My Lawn & Garden page up top underneath the blog title to see what I've done. 
  We are in for another round of rain and storms, then back cold again even the weekend. So, I can't work but when it goes away...I'l be back at it again! Thanks everyone...

Take Good Care...  And, Love You More!


  1. Very pretty, cozy, and inviting, Loretta! What a lovely place to sit and visit with friends, with your hubby, or just read! :)


  2. No rain here in B-more. We have sunny skies and 70-degree temps. Perfect. I will wish it down your way.

  3. Your porch is so warm and inviting. I'd sure love to plant myself in one of those cozy chair and sit a spell!!!

  4. Dear Loretta, Your garden is colorful and beautiful.
    You certainly have a way with your plants that they grow so beautiful.
    Tammy and I have started seeds and they seem to be growing. I hope that they will do fine once we put them outside.
    Don't overwork enjoy each moment. Blessings dearest and hugs. Catherine xoxo

  5. We've had lots of rain this week. There's always yard work waiting for us!


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