Friday, December 13, 2013

Changes In The Climate

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Hello... How's your day going? I decided to go outside for a short walk on the sidewalk since the rain let up and the ice is gone to get a breath of fresh air.

As I stood looking around the neighborhood it occurred to me...leaves were still on the trees, normally this time of the year they would be just about empty. If you'd look closer you will see trees that are still green. Foliage in the ravine on the other side of our neighbor's is still green. 

This tree in Betty's, my former neighbor's yard also holds its leaves and the same for the surrounding trees. The pecan trees in the backyard still have their leaves. 

This is one of several in the local park and if you look at the bottom you will see green leaves that are still there. It should be bare also. 
 This puzzled me, so I phoned our town's Master Gardner and he told me it was unusual because we had a very short fall before the arctic fronts came in and brought all the extreme cold to our area. 

This makes me wonder...are our Spring and Summer going to be extreme? Normal temps are over 100 degrees weeks in a row! Oh my, It's a waiting game for sure...

  If you are still experiencing those very low temps please...Keep Warm! Wishing you a Very Productive & Safe Weekend...

Warmest Regards,

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