Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Arrangements & Hot Peppers

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Good Monday Morning...
 I am far behind in posting fall things especially since the season is almost gone!   I'm thinking, "better late than never," right? 

The peppers above are from my few plants that I had in pots. Believe me I still didn't pick them all! The Tabasco smaller peppers were so copious my fingers were cramping from pulling them. The larger ones are habanero...both are very hot and made extremely hot pepper sauce....see below...

As you can see, I try to be thrifty by re-using jars that are perfectly good to put away some things. I had 21 jars and grew tired of them, then started giving them to Mom and my cousin Milton who loves them!

I can't take credit for this beautiful urn, but isn't it beautiful? It is one from BHG. This decorative fall urn is gorgeous. It was started from the bottom with burlap and just built up with fall items.  

 Another of BHG is this old-fashioned wheelbarrow filled with berries gourds and pumpkins that is so inviting!

Surprisingly simple is this all leave wreath. Those colorful leaves are great, right? The festive plaid ribbons adds just the right touch...

And lastly, this is my wreath that I fashioned for my front entry. I wanted lots of fall colors with flowers leaves and gourds. 

I have visited a number of blogs and had the chance to view your arrangements and pretty fall colors. What a treat! 
  Another week, they seem to pass so quickly, The end of the year is fast approaching! Be sure to come back tomorrow to read about our plans for the holidays... I am one excited girly-girl... Hugs...


  1. Your fall wreath looks so lovely and inviting!!! Have a great Monday!!!

    1. Thanks so much! Aren't fall colors beautiful? Hugs...

  2. Beautiful displays of fall. It goes too quickly before it is gone. This is a great way to prolong it!

    1. Thank are so right! I often come back to my pictures and take a few minutes to view them again. Have a great evening! Hugs...

  3. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful fall colors and creations. I just finished fall decorating and now it's time for Christmas...feel so rushed:-)

  4. Hi Betsy everyone is saying the same words....Have a Great Day!


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