Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Good Blogger? Maybe...

Good Thursday Morning, 

                                                                                           Let's Beat The Blogging Blues

   I've thought long and hard about continuing to blog. I even considered myself done with it. However, when I take time to log-in there is always a small tug at the old heartstrings that tries to pull me back to the keyboard.
  I will even stop by your blog to see what you're up to and what's happening in your neck-of-the-woods. Some of you I see have also fell into the "blogging blues" and not posting. What is causing us to do this when we were fired up daily with all sorts of ideas, creations...whatever! Could it be we've lost interest?

Maybe we need to focus on ourselves and take time to do so. I sure need to do so! Are you feeling you need to slow your pace and put more focus on self and health.
Or perhaps, you are overwhelmed with family, devoting more time and attention to them.
 Or, are just plain tired and frazzled to the core! 

House work and cleaning can also demand your time and attention. Not to mention the gardening! 

You run here and there and everywhere trying to cram all of it into 24 hours when actually you need that many more hours in a day!

Or, if you are like most of are so darn tired and sleepy...weighed down with this fast pace world and the things in it,  there is no time for computers and blogging and taking pictures and being creative...and all that stuff outside of the realm of your existence!!
  Fear not!...You are not alone!!! This world and the times we are living in has brought about changes in all out lives. Gone are the days when we could spend time with our families where time was plentiful and useful. Tell me, do you remember these times...when living was easy? I sure do. 

  Money is tight. We have repurposed to the max. We have shopped to no end. We have cooked until even food isn't the same anymore. Let's face it...we have changed just as everything around us. 
  Don't worry if you don't/can't blog the way you did before. I understand...however, please, for the sake of folk like me, don't stop! Come back! The enthusiasm and energy may have faded, but there is still the essence of you there. 
  I would love hearing/reading about your day, your family your pets and seeing pics of them. If this is what you have to offer, then, give! But please...let's not stop BLOGGING! There is still so much to offer... A Good Blogger...yes we are... we still have it!!!


  1. Big hugs to you and I hope all is well. I miss you when you are not here!
    Your post is very encouraging. I seem to have fallen into several of the categories above. Everyday I say I will get back. Now I can't even find my camera (please join in prayer).
    I will be back. :-)

  2. Loretta you are always so encouraging - Thank you! Also thanks for dropping in on my Blog too Nancyx

  3. Hi dear! It's nice to read a post from you. This one is right on target. Life does get in the way of blogging, sometimes. I've slowed down a bit, but I've managed to get a lot more efficient. Tell your hubby I said hello. Hope the two of you are doing well.


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