Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Small Garden's Fruits

    Thank you all for your kind words and commenting... your  concern and encouragement means so much and gives me the lift that I need to keep going. What would we do without friends and our blogging-family!

                                                               Rose from my new rose bush smells so good!
  James is such a good person. He never complains or gives up. Each time Doc sees him, he is always astound and constant tells him he is one Blessed man. He also tells him he has to be a very spiritual person and the Lord is with him. 
If he only knew....

   I planted a small veggie garden when I started in my yard however, I lost some of the things I planted. We only picked 3 yellow squash from the plants...that's right 3! That was enough for James. The man next door said he saw squirrels eating did I which is a shock...never heard of them eating it!! No, our neighbor didn't take any!
  Deer from the back wood of our property came up and started on the tomatoes! I pulled what was left up and replanted in pots...hopefully we will get some from these. The only thing they haven't eaten, but not without a lack of trying, are the hot hot peppers shown here in the garden. The bush is loaded with them and there are 8 of them!

I picked a few to make Louisiana hot pepper sauce... experimenting with different peppers I hope to make the hottest of hot pepper sauce this year.

We have friends who have challenged me saying I can't make it hot enough...we shall see! James sends his regards to you all and both of us thank you for your care and concern! We wish you a very Delightful Weekend!
Loretta & James


  1. So glad to see you back! :-) My garden didn't do well at all. My flowers did OK,but if I depended on my veggies I would starve. LOL

  2. I want a garden! I'm so busy doing other projects, I just don't have time. I would love to walk out in the back yard and pick fresh fruits and veggies. I just got some fresh blueberries from a friend. Thanks for posting. It's always great to hear from you. Good luck with your hot pepper sauce. Hugs to you and James. Ooops and hugs to Kitty.

  3. Always happy to check in with you and James. I bet you make a Mean hot sauce!

  4. Continued good wishes to James. Your roses are beautiful. Good luck with your pepper sauce challenge.


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