Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Gardens Update

    Good Saturday Ladies...We are so glad you stopped by to visit. As promised, we have more photos for you to see on Our Garden page. 
   I am so sorry it has been a while, however we had rain daily hindering me from getting a start on work. Weather here has really been unusual unlike any I've seen in a while. 
Nevertheless, I have to push ahead, because my vegetable garden has to be planted soon.
  Click on the Garden Page above on the page bar to take you there. James sends his regards to everyone. We hope you enjoy! We will visit with you later in the day...Thanks again!

James & Loretta


  1. lovely photographs Loretta. I always enjoy my visit.

  2. Very nice! Your flowers are beautiful. I love the little tea set. You know tea sets are my thing.

  3. Your azaleas are absolutely gorgeous! The blooms are so plentiful. Mine are just now beginning to bud. Thanks for sharing your garden beauty. Hugs

  4. Your azaleas are lovely, Loretta. You are making me miss mine. The white ones weren't blooming yet when I left for the FL home. good luck on your veggie planting. i have to start mine when i get back too....Christine

  5. the azaleas. Mine aren't doing anything yet. Hopefully soon.
    Farmhouse hugs,


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