Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Digging Up Porch Decor Ideas

  I love country...and country decorating. Years ago when the children were home, my entire decorating style was country. I made the change just before the two boys left the nest.
  I've thought about doing a country porch with all the trimmings, lol...however, I don't know how it will go over since we are now living in the city. This is why I don't like changes because I have such a hard time in the decision-making process.
  I went on the web and looked up a few...actually a lot of different porches decorated in different styles. Here are a few...

 The porch above is traditionally decorated

Two Summer Porches

 This one above is cottage style. It reminds me of what I had last summew...but not this formal 

This is a good likeness of the swing I want to install on the right end of the porch...wide with lots of pillows. Cute, huh?

This one I might consider combining it with another to get what I'm looking for.

The one above can be country with the lamps and decor I like it...changes will make it workable.

This one is country however, I don't really like it. I would have to make changes to it. Still...I don't know! What do you think...any ideas... Love to get you input!
  Oh decisions decisions...See, I told you, I do not like changes! James is no help at all...well, he did say even if he offered input I was still going to change it 100 what the use! LOL.
  I'm going to check the market for books to get more ideas. Something has to click soon... right?

We are in for some very bad storms today...the weather is fixed for severe ones. Warm winds from the South off the Gulf are pushing their way up to collide with cooler weather from Oklahoma, yeah, I would say it will be bad. We are expecting power outages, trees toppling, thunder, lightening, hail, straight-line winds, etc.. 
  It is snowing in upper parts of Oklahoma, and get this, thundering with snow, and a tornado spotted also! Wow, some unusual, dangerous weather, huh? If you don't see any activity from me later...this is why. Keep safe if you are anywhere near or in the path of these storms!

Be Safe...


  1. I'd love to have a porch to relax on, and would have such a fun time decorating it. Be safe!!

  2. I love most of the pictures you posted. I was just looking at porches on line, the other day. I may have to make that porch swing for my dolls. That is really cute. Sorry to hear about your storms. I hope it doesn't do too much damage. We have 80 deg weather here in Georgia.

  3. Porches are hard to do just right.
    Stay safe in those bad storms. We just had one big one go through. Not sure they are done yet. With temps in the 80's here in Ohio we had to expect that. Be safe.

  4. I hope the storm does not get too bad, Loretta. I love the porhes, one of my favorite spots in the house when weather is nice. I like southern porches, They look very welcoming....Christine


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