Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Collection of Roosters

Good Sunday Morning Ya'll,
How's everybody today!  It has been a while since I was on here. By now, you know my gal is down with that old flu. She went around dodging everybody with it, and sure enough she caught it, or it caught her which ever way it was. 
She asked me to post for her today, but since I don't show my cooking to anybody, I thought I would go through her thousands of pictures, and I found her rooster collection. 
I'm only doing a few, because when it comes to roosters Loretta forgets to quit...buying them that is. She says that's an egg platter, in the first picture, but I call it a plate, right?
This picture is in the Dining Room where there are roosters everywhere there's a surface to put them, and they are even on the wall. This is the middle of the buffet.

This is the right of it. You know me, I don't care what comes into the house, just as long as she's happy. Let's face it, rooster do have a manly thing about them, huh?  Tee-Heee.

Don't read me wrong, but, ain't it the truth? 

I surprised her with this big piece here. It shows the whole family just about, including the food. I thought it was a nice piece.

Now, these two pictures, my son bought the paintings and wall hangers. Loretta found the plates at a little shop and stood toe-to-toe with a woman about the price. She paid $4
for the set! The woman said she got tired and gave in. Tee-Hee. Her price tag was $12.95! I declare I don't know how 
Loretta can do it!

Well, that's all the pictures I'm posting today. I gotta get in here and fix Loretta some lunch. She's not eating much but,
her Mom made a pot of soup for us, so I guess this will be what she will eat.

  Hey, I always have a good time and feel nice when I share with all of you. Since the heart surgery, my schedules, sucks my whole life has changed and I'm still trying to catch  up
with things. 
  Ya'll take care of yourselves, and your family. And be good to each other. Life is just too short to be selfish and mean.

Ya'll Have A Great Super Bowl Sunday,


  1. Hi James, so nice to see you posting. I like meeting the rooster collection. Please give Loretta a hug for me and get-well wishes!

  2. Hi James! all the best to Loretta. You two sure do take good care of each other.

  3. Whoa, she does have an extensive collection of roosters. Hoping and praying she will be up and around soon!!!

  4. Hi James,
    Thanks for sharing the roosters and your humor! Tell Loretta that I hope she gets better real soon!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  5. Hello James. So nice to hear from you. That is quite a nice collection of roosters. Take good care of Loretta. Hope she gets better soon.

  6. Great post James - I too collect Roosters, but she has more than I do. I've kind of quit adding to mine brood of Roosters. Hope you're getting better Loretta. It is starting to warm up a few degrees here in northern MN.

  7. Love the rooster collection! Hope Loretta is feeling better soon. Rebekah

  8. That is one ole Rooster collection Ill say... Get well soon Loretta, you are the best and we want you posting soon. LJ

  9. It's so good of you to be taking care of Loretta and posting for her. Thanks for sharing the rooster collection and I hope she's feeling much better by now.


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