Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sewing Crafts

A Little Bit of Sewing
  I've been making my little door hangers and candle mats for some time now.
When I showed them to the family during the holidays I had to make more than I anticipated.
  The children were just as enthused as the adults. They wanted them with their names and sayings to hang on their bedroom doors.
  With the new uploads that Google offers, the pics are scaled to %'s. It doesn't bother me...I have a way to bring them to my blog.
  I put at the failed attempt to create a prim is prim, huh? LOl. Next to the Scottie is a fluffy white bunny...I'll have to retake that one.
  Next time, I'll do better with my pics...maybe putting them across instead of the way they are now. Habits die hard, huh?

James asked that I give you his regards...he is better and starting to do a little around the house. I am thankful to the Lord for this...I was worried. 
  Wishing you a peaceful & restful rest-of-the-weekend! See you next week...

Best Regards,
Loretta & James


  1. So sweet Loretta. I can see why everyone wants their very own. Glad James is on the mend.

  2. They are sew cute Loretta!
    You both enjoy the rest of your weekend too!

  3. Happy Sunday Loretta! As always, your words are so inspirational. Love those sewing projects. Working with our hands is such good therapy for the mind and soul! Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

  4. Oh, your hangers/mats are just adorable. I can certainly understand why everyone wanted one!! Lucky recipients~~

  5. You do such a good job with your creative projects. Happy to hear James is doing better too. Hugs.

  6. Just as cute as can be Loretta.


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