Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Wednesday

  I feel so Blessed to be alive!  I know you feel that way too! Top of the morning to you all, I don't have to ask...I know you gals and guys have gotten those creative-juices flowing this bright and wonderful day. (hoping it is sunny your way too.)
  I took these pics just before my lilies faded, but I forgot to show them to you. Spider Lily is the name and they are some very awesome ones. I waited to get a shot of them when it was almost dark to get a better one, because when the sun is shining on them they do not present their best side. Enlarge to see how pretty they are. Enjoy!

On another note...  James brought these two gems home last night for our dessert. I'm constantly asking him to bring some fruit when he sees a stand on the road and he did so today. 

 I thought they would be as good to eat as they looked, however, they were deceiving! Nevertheless, it was nice to have some fruit to eat for a change. (What they sell in our grocery is priced so high you can't afford any of it!)

Thanks for stopping by to visit and say hello. We love having you here! Wishing you a lovely fall day. See you soon... I'm off to Mom's to visit with her...will be back to visit with you later. 



  1. Love the colors in this post. Those spider lilys are beautiful!

  2. Happy Wednesday, Loretta! Hope you are having a great day! Your lilies are just beautiful--I'm not sure if I have ever seen any like them before! My grandma used to have spider plants, but they were pink. I love the red :)

  3. Oh Loretta, I love your lillies! Do you ever cut them and bring them in?

  4. Thanks so much for your comments. No, I have not cut any yet, but hope to be able to next season. I was a bit leery because of allergies. I'm going to check with Doc to see if it is okay!

  5. Loretta, I've never seen spider lilies before...those are gorgeous!

  6. Hello Loretta ~~ First thing I was going to ask you was how your Mother was feeling?
    Your garden pictures got me going :) Beautiful lilies, mine were done ages ago same with peaches or they look so good. Bet you will bake something delicious with them.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  7. Thanks to all for your kind comments they mean so much! Rosemary, mom is better, however as soon as the cool weather sets in, she starts to have problems with painful knees, etc.
    We have to watch her, because she loves to be outside. Thanks for inquiring!


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