Thursday, September 20, 2012

Me and Miss Kitty-Kelly

I thought things would be unbearable without my Poodle Ashley, for he was so a part of me, I knew when he left me, life would never be the same!
  For the first time in my life, I felt the pains of grieving and sorrow. I have never reacted this way to losing anyone close to me. Holding him in my arms that night, and watching the life slip from his precious little body was overwhelming....It was profound!      
  I don't know how or when I decided to allow Miss Kitty (Kelly) to wiggle her way into my see, my daughter gave her to James after his surgery. I was determined not to allow myself to get that close to another pet, although I still have Amanda and Lovey.

Maybe some of the things friends told me were true, however I took them lightly 

You know,  the Lord brought her to you at a time when He knew you would need her

As time goes on, seemingly, I've recognized some of the things Ashley would do to help me (in Kitty) at the most opportune time! I see her doing the exact same things Ashley did with us. (She waits at the bathroom door for me. She sticks her paw underneath James' bath door when he's in the shower. She comes in and wake me the exact same time Ashley did each morning!)  

Sometimes, it can be a little scary, but I'm not one to question it. All I know is, this little handful of soft, warm and intelligent fur-ball has wiggled her way into my heart, and made the pain bearable and the loss so much easier.
  She makes me laugh when I thought I wouldn't again. She lifts my spirits when I am can I not thank the Lord, for bringing her into my life!  Now I know what you've known all along...cats are wonderful companions!  And, Miss Kitty is my faithful companion!

All The Best, 


  1. Well, she's a cutie! I'm a cat lover and have 2 right now. One is my constant companion and the other one has claimed my hubby.

  2. Dear Loretta, I have a little brown poodle and I love him so much. He is my little prince charming. He is full of personality and a beautiful companion.
    I am sorry for the loss of your little poodle. I am grateful that you found your little kitty to fill the void in your heart. My best to James. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  3. I understand that pain you feel. It's so hard to fill that void. I'm so happy that the Lord blessed you with another faithful companion who is doing her part to make the void a little more tolerable.

  4. Such a sweet post. I'm glad God sent Miss Kitty to you both.

  5. She's beautiful - I can see how she'd work her way into your heart!

  6. Hi Loretta,
    Pets are members of the family. I am glad that she has found you to be her new mom!
    They have a way of showing love sometimes, that people lack.
    I wouldn't mind having another cat myself, my husband says no more, but you never know.
    God bless.

  7. Your post brought tears to my eyes. It is so hard losing a pet...but I'm glad that your new kitty is helping you through it. She is a beautiful cat.


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