Saturday, September 1, 2012

All Is Calm On The Old Homefront

  Good Saturday Morning to all, the storm has blown over and we are doing well! Isaac was a huge rain bearer and very windy. I know you have seen the news and pictures of the devastation down south. Our thoughts and prayers to those of you still down there! 
  The bus loads of folks' who were transferred here up north were definitely in need of neighborly help. They were cold, wet, shaking, hungry, exhausted; barefoot and bewildered. Some, shocked this was happening to them again seven years after Katrina! Our hearts were filled with  compassion upon seeing their plight. Giving and Christian love has been generous from neighbors all over northwest Louisiana!
  We didn't get the effects from Issac that was forecast, thankfully, because of a dry front that moved into the northwest region pushing it eastward...we were truly blessed! However, we did get strong wind, some flooding, and have tree limbs down over our lawn. 
  Issac left in his wake, muggy, hot weather! I suppose it did what it was suppose to do...push in hot tropical air! More rain is in the forecast today thru Monday!

  We would like to thank you all for your comments. It is nice to have friends who are concerned and display neighborly love. Thanks to you all!
  James and I wish you a very good extended weekend, and hope you enjoy it with family and friends. Take care until we post again... 

Warm Rich Blessings,

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  1. Thankful that your damage was minimal and I wish you and James a blessed weekend, Loretta.

  2. Glad y'all are good! There was a TON of flooding around our area; made us glad for the "Mississippi Hill" we built to put our house on! :)
    I'll be posting pics of the water as soon as I catch up on everything ELSE we couldn't do with the power out!

  3. Glad to know you're safe and sound, Loretta.

  4. Glad that our damage wasn't worse. I don't think anyone expected Issac to be a big deal. I think he was unpredicatable. We got a ton of non-stop, rain as hard as possible, for a solid three hours last night. I know, nothing like what happened in the path of Issac.

  5. Loretta, I'm in a party mood. That seemed like a lot of fun. Maybe I should eat now because may appetite wants the food you showed.


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