Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Unfortunate Scene

He was a cute little fellow... I felt so sorry for him as he lay in the floor kicking and screaming. My heart went out to the little fellow, I wanted to pick him up and comfort him, then...

                                                                     only a depiction

Words started spewing  from that little mouth that made even me wince! Then the mom started...she was way out of control...hitting and slapping the child, saying profanity worse than his! This child was only a toddler, if that old.
  You know there was a crowd of onlookers and I saw phones coming out...pictures taken, and folks' calling 911. 
  Later, I  looked away as the mom was being handcuffed. Some of the people in the crowd had the child trying to comfort him. What an embarrassing event not only for this woman, but all mom's across America. 
  Parents are now facing almost impossible odds of successfully raising their children in this world. If you could give them just one thing/advice, what would it be?

One respondent wrote: of training the child at home. Absolutely!
This is my belief also... if a child is taught/trained at home, there will not be problems else where. 
  The child will not get the parent in public and create scenes such as this one. Of course...the mom in this situation could benefit form, most definitely, some much needed Parenting!
 Love your comments...please keep them coming. This will be a great copy to submit!  


  1. Loretta, O Heavens! I have seen tantrums at the store but nothing as bad as that. I'm glad that someone called 911.

  2. Teach them by example. What an unfortunate situation. Wonder how the mother disciplines the child when there are no onlookers.

  3. Parents....listen to your kids. I mean, really listen.

  4. I thought about the same Muffy. It was a heartbreaking scene to see him hurting! Thanks to you for your comments...keep them coming!

  5. Thats so sad...Usually your kids repeat what is said to them...


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