Monday, February 6, 2012

A New Friends Connect

  Good Monday Morning Ladies. Did you get enough Football last eve? I have to confess, I didn't deviate from my Sunday programming. 
I don't watch much TV however, the programs that I do watch are on the PBS station and are all from the BBC. Hubster started to watch the game but, when I went into the kitchen, I heard Downton Abby on his TV...What a surprise!'s what I wanted to share with you. Google is changing its friends connect altogether. A group of blogger gals got with  Brent Riggs, the owner of Linky followers, and he is offering their friends connect to bloggers free. It is said to surpass all the rest. 

  If you are interested and want to join before all the changes occur, here is the link:
Sign up is easy. Too, you can view this blog and go to the Linky followers site from here. 
  Another advantage: you are able to get more followers...reaching out to a larger audience. Check it out and while we visit each other we will be able to follow you on Linky if you chose to do so!
Hope you all Have a Beautiful and Happy Monday. Take Care...


  1. Hello Loretta, I did not watch the game. I just don't understand the game and really can't bring myself to get into it. I guess that is just me.
    Thank you for this information I will look into it. Blessings my dear friend, Catharine xo

  2. Hi, Loretta! I'm not sure what this whole Linky thing means... I'll investigate and I thank you for telling us about it!

  3. Billy watched the game Sunday night but of no interest to me so I just worked on my cook books. As far as signing up for anything else I think I will just leave things like they are for now. I barely have time to come to my blog and read other blogs and I don't like getting used to new things. If you still have a blog on here then I can visit :)
    Have a good week

  4. Thanks for the information. A lot of bloggers are moving to Google Plus as an alternative way to follow each other.

  5. I am following you on the new Linky Friends...I have one on my sidebar, too.
    Not sure that we need it, but, just in case they decide to ax Google Friends for blogger, I decided to get one.

  6. Hello,

    Will the changes with goggle mean you would have to pay?

  7. Loretta,
    I wanted to tell you that I just love that fat cat in the red chair with the wine. So cute! Pat

  8. Thanks,

    I was asking if; with all the changes on goggle, would goggle now be charging for their services?


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