Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Well, my cable finally came back home after skipping town since last evening! I just hate it when 'skipper' leaves to play around with that little line-lass on the out skirts of town! 
  The techs rounded him up kicking, fighting tooth-and-nail and brought his butt back to do his job. He's not happy because the cable is still acting up! Oh well, I suppose it is better to have this than nothing at all! LOL. How did you like my fooling-around? 
  That's what kind of mood this day had put me in, because everything had gone wrong, so I'm in this mood to keep my SANITY! I won't burden you with nonsense... I 

I'm busy with the plumber, so I'll get back to visit when all this madness is over!
Plenty Hugs,


  1. Good luck to you, getting everything up and running!! What did we ever do before all these modern creature comforts?

  2. Uh...this post really confused me. Not to worry. I will go take another Xanax and it will make sense to me in no time!

  3. Not the plumber! Sounds dreadful. I loved your little cable story though. Hope all is back to normal.

  4. Loretta, we all have those days where nothing seems to work, or the worker doesn't want to work ;). Good luck with your plumber!

  5. when it rains it pours!!
    good luck with everything going on!


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