Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Paw Swipes Again

Good Evening,
  Are you still having nice cool weather? If you are experiencing beautiful weather, good for you, we certainly aren't... it is back in the 90's here in sunny Louisiana again!
  Oh well...I want to share what happened to me today with you, and why I titled this post. Kitty was so active and mischief today, it about drove me crazy! Her "cat fits" are coming more now so, I suppose we had better get her to the Vet soon.
 I've been unpacking...yes, sad to say, I still have boxes to attend to...I have not been in any hurry. Lol. Yeah, I know it has been over a year, but I can't possibly use all of this stuff at one time! Lol! 
  After getting around the house all morning, I needed to stop and grab a bit to eat. 

I had half a cabbage in the frig from last week so I stir-fried it, gently.

We had Chinese Sunday, so I got out the noodles to eat with the cabbage. I don't really like the chicken in Chicken Lo Mein, so I picked it out and gave it to Kitty. Lovey and Amanda were asleep.

The phone rings and I stop to answer it, when I turned, Kitty, standing on the table,  had one of the long noodles in her mouth and batting it with her hind legs on the table. I didn't get a pic of this, because she ran from the table when she saw me coming back! I didn't think I'd ever stop laughing. She brings/gives me so much joy!

This  is where she runs to when she knows she's in trouble. The 'paw' is quicker than the eye! Look at that expression. Lol!

When she knew things had settle with Mom, she watches from the window with one of the yarn balls I make for her... she walks around with one in her mouth all the time. I made about a dozen of them and she has hidden them everywhere in the house. I never see them, but she always comes out with one in her mouth. I am thankful she is in my home and heart!
  I'm sure you have laughed at your kittie's antic's or your doggie's too...Will you share with us?

Tender Hugs Your Way,


  1. LOL!!! So funny!!! I told my Kit Kat today that I should have named her Trouble...just one of those days. :)

  2. Our Rufus used to play with coins. Toss them in the air, and catch them. My hubby had a card game over deer hunting, when I asked if he won. Said he made 75 cents but Rufus cleaned house at $1.35. He'd beg for money until the other players would give him a quarter or so. Then he'd hide his money all over the house. I miss that dog!!

  3. I don't have any pets at the moment, but it sure is nice reading about yours.

  4. That is sooo funny! She really seems like a lot of fun to have around. By the way, 90 deg weather is beautiful, too.

  5. Love your little kitty. Wish I could come for lunch it looked so good... LJ

  6. Yesterday my new kittys were missing over night. I called and called. Only got 3 hours sleep worrying about them. At 6am was looking again. New neighbor kids came up to me with them. They had kept them in their house overnight!!
    Well, I put kittys on the porch as my dog was in the house. I took the dog out who got lose and chased the kittys off the front porch. I had to chase the dog and find the kittys. Got the dog, but no kittys. They had each climbed a different tree. Everything worked out alright in the end, but what a start to a day! LOL
    BTW I went on a nice boat tour later that morning :-)

  7. I love stir fried cabbage, yum!

    Kitty is so cute!

  8. Pets can bring us so much joy!
    However, fried cabbage I would have got to the table before kitty!!! :)
    Your weather is back to 90 degrees?
    My, that must be hard on you.
    Our September has been quite cool and rainy I hope October warms up a little but not to 90 degrees.
    Have a lovely evening Loretta.
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo


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