Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday's Lunch

Hey there now, James here again. After a day of rest, I feel like a new man! I didn't know how tired I was until I just could not make it outta bed yesterday. Now, I show don't want you ladies to start thinking I'm lazy, no sir, I'd never been sick, nor had any cuttin' on me before, so all this doing nothing all day is gettin' next to a body.
  Loretta tells me I don't know how to sit down and rest. Well, she may be right, as usual. Heheee! She's coming back this way now. I know because she's mouthy, oops, I better not say that! Let's just say she's talking more now. Wheee, changed that quick, huh? Don't want her gettin' that dander up!
 Look what I fixed for lunch. Don't start to fuss now because I made it as close to healthy as possible even down to the Mayo, I hate that nasty stuff, but... 
 Its a sausage burger and the tatar-tots, Loretta likes them, I put in the oven, no frying! I round it off with a tall glass of tea and some nice big strawberries. I'm gittin' the hang of this cooking! How did I do? I can't pretty-it-up the way Loretta fixes it, but its there!

Guess which one likes the red stuff? I took a few pictures huh?

 I'm not a cook and I'm admitting it, but today I didn't have a choice. It was me or starve. I'm joking! Well, we hope y'all have a Blessed day. I'm signing off now, take care.


  1. Lunch looks delicious. Just a tip. If you have one of those Pizzaz machines (I call them Pizza spinners) tater tots work wonderful on them, without heating up the oven.

  2. it's amazing how one can cook when the cook is not working during the hunger shift!..tee hee..looks darn good too..

  3. Hey James! Listen to your body. If it says rest, it's probably a good idea to listen. Tell Loretta we miss her and hope she is much better soon.
    Good job on the lunch. It looks very appetizing. If mayo is what you consider the healthy choice, what is the unhealthy choice?

  4. Hey Vanessa, the mayo was the one on the dieters shelve with nothing in it, at least what I want in it! That's why I said I hated it! Loretta can eat all that low this and no that, but I'm still trying to get use to it! And, Vanessa, will you leave a body be with the nit-picking!

  5. The simple answer is 'no'. How would you know I love you guys if I didn't nit pick. I had to give up my favorite condiment, which is ketchup, when I had issues. The "no salt" kind is actually very good, but more expensive. I switched to mustard, which I used to loathe. Now I love it. So see, I feel your pain.


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