Monday, June 25, 2012

Together We Are Stronger

Hello, this is rather long...please read in its entirety  

  We started so young with love so innocent but real

So much has happened in our years together, but..."When you touch someone with your spirit, and in turn they touch your soul with their love..." 

You stay true to the other...true love does exist; love only needs to be true.

Yes, we still have fun and do silly and crazy things together

We dance cheek-to-cheek and I still cry when our favorite song plays

We find time to do things together, make each other smile and always remembering our love.

A love that keep us forever young, just as we were all those years before when our lives were carefree and innocent. But now...

As we grow older, I want it to be together where we can entangle our fingers together as we walk hand in hand; and hope we never leave the other. "Please promise me dear that no matter what, you will never let go." "Put your hand in my hand and hold on tight, because now, our journey begins again."

  Good Morning Dear Friends, 
I remember a minister saying, "he still didn't know his wife." This struck me odd, because they were an older couple, married for a number of years. He then explained, "I said this because I am still learning each day there is something always new about her that I hadn't known before. So, regardless to how long you live with a mate, you never really get to know them."
  Because of hearing this, my relationship with James has been so much better all these years. We learn new things about each other every single day! Yes, we focus on, live by and apply Scripture in all we do. 
  This is why we have decided, after prayerful consideration, to devote our lives to the Ministry! We started out when we were younger, but family and life's living, caused us to slow down our pace. 
  Now that our circumstances are different, we want to continue our 
spiritual journey that gave us so much joy and contentment. We have missed the experience of meeting wonderful people and share out love of God and His Holy Word.
  We will leave the blogs up awhile, but will not be posting on it. If you remember, I started them because of my column in the newspaper. I have thoughts of another and if it is God's will, I will start anew later. You can watch for changes in this blog, when the time comes. 
 This has been, without any doubt, a wonderful experience for us...meeting, and getting acquainted with so many lovely people as all of you. Thank you all for sharing a piece of your life with us. 
  Stay true to yourselves and importantly, love the Lord with all your heart and soul! 
 I leave you with this: "Remember, true love doesn't have a happy ending...because true love never ends..."

Friends Always,
     James & Loretta



  1. Beautiful share, blessings be with you in your new journey ... but OH! HOW YOU WILL BE MISSED, Loretta.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

  2. That's wonderful news about the ministry! I will miss the two of you. It's been a real treat meeting you and I wish you nothing but the best in your new journey.
    Many hugs!!

  3. I have been away because hubby has been sick and had surgery. Will miss you and James. Dont stay away too long Loretta. Love to you both, LJ

  4. oh my gosh! well, congrats on your decision and good luck!!! and have fun too!!!

  5. I will miss reading your blog. It truly reflected the love you have for each other. I am certain you will do a wonderful service to mankind. Blessings to both of you, and I will think and pray for you often. Till we meet again in blogland!

  6. What sweet news. Life is always full of new beginnings and sometimes things begun a long time ago come back to us when we're ready. Bless you in your new endeavor.

  7. Dear Loretta and James,
    Hope you enjoy every moment of your new adventure! I'm sure the moment you held hands you knew you would never let go and you would follow what Our Good Lord had planned for you. May you have good health, lot's more love, and happy days for the rest of your life together..It was a true pleasure to
    blog with you! Be safe and happy! ~Shirley

  8. Blessings to both of you and the best of wishes in your new adventure:-)

  9. I have been married almost 32 years and only recently realized...learned..that my husband loves watching the sky..especially during storms.
    best wishes on your new journey.


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