Thursday, May 31, 2012

How's Everybody Today!

Well, I suppose you know before I get started, it is the Hubster here! It has been a while since I took the wheel posting on Loretta's blog.

Loretta finally stopped to rest, not because she did it on her own, it was because she worked herself so hard she didn't have a choice! No amount of warning her about her health, stopped her from doing too much!

Doc put her to bed again which is why she's been awol from the blog. But, she's resting now and seem to be doing better. We are going back to doc next week for a follow-up.

She's in a lot of pain from that fibro and hates taking her meds because she sleeps all the time. I threatened to call her Mom and did so, now she upset with me! Mom is taking over now and she's being a good girl. I'm glad because doc said she was real tired and needed rest.
  She did a good job taking care of me and when I went back to my doc, he was surprised how I'd progressed, and healed. I didn't have to tell him...he told me, "Momma's taking good care of you, right?"

Now, how do you suppose that man knew this? Heeeheeehee. 
I didn't have any pictures to put up here, so I went to the top of our steps there and took some pictures of the park across the street. I guess I should have waited til later, because it was filled with screaming kids, running and jumping afterwards. That park was put there and the street was dedicated to one of Loretta's school friend, Sandra, who lost her life to a rare sickness.
  When Loretta see the children running and playing there she always talk about Sandra. She really miss her. Thought I'd share this with you to make her day! Click on the pictures to make large.

Did she tell ya'll about Miss Kitty? Yeah, we love this little frisky gal. She's getting big too. Loretta fixed up some milk for her, and she goes to town lapping it up! But, you know, she will not come into the house! I think its because of our dogs. She loves going through the vent down in the basement and sleeping there.

  Loretta tried to get her inside, but she runs around like she's having a cat fit, trying to get back out the door. Guess we have to leave her be for now. She loves that tree out front. I'm giving her another 3 days and she will be up in it, course, I don't know whose gittin' 'er down. Heeeheeehe!
  I want to thank all you good folks' for your askin' 'bout me and prayers and all. It meant so much to me when Loretta would read your comments. Thank ya'll so much!
  I guess I have said enough now, don't want ya'll to git tired of me, so I'm signing off. Hope all ya'll have a good weekend and peace amongst yourselves.

Ya'll take care now!


  1. sorry to hear Loretta is feeling well. Please let her know people are praying for her and you. God bless.

  2. Sorry to hear Loretta is not feeling well. Please know she and you are being prayed for. God bless.

  3. Hello James! So nice to see a post from you. Wish they weren't under such circumstances. You and Loretta both are making all of your fans very nervous. That's so sweet that you took pictures of the park. So glad to see kitty is still hanging around. That cat ain't no fool. He know good folk when he sees them. Now go rest young man!

  4. Thanks for letting us know. Tell your sweetie to rest and get better. ((((((HUGS)))))

  5. Oh James, we'll never get tired of you!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for letting us know what was going on around there. Oh that Lady, she needs her Momma to take-her-in-hand... Doing toooo much, and then going down in a heap, herself. -sigh-

    The care-giver must remember to take care of her/him self too. Or what good will they be, at that care-giving?

    But she has you in good shape, it sounds like. And her Momma will see to it, that she follows doctor's orders. (-giggggles-)

    Sweet little kitty. She knows what's the best for her. It's pretty perfect, I'd say.. Food and a place to get into from the elements, and be safe. But not worry about other pets. :-)

    Take very good care of yourself, James!!! Your Lady needs you to make her, take care of herself.

    Mmmmm, are we ganging up on Loretta? YES! But "Auntie" sezzzzzz... That's because she wore herself out, herself. :-)

    Gentle hugs to you both...


  6. Will be keeping Loretta in my prayers!

    What a sweet little kitty!!

  7. Okay you both better start feeling great and be out and about...the summer is upon us and we need to use every moment we that kitty..she looks adorable..
    Enjoy the weekend..

  8. My Ma and Pa always tell'll learn the hard way or you'll learn the easy will learn! When it's the easy way, I like it best -GGG-.

  9. Glad to hear you are doing well James. Tell Loretta I'm thingking of her. The kitty is so cute! Rebekah

  10. I'm so happy you're feeling better. It's so sweet to hear that the two of you are always taking care of each other. Tell Loretta to take care of herself, and I hope you continue to get better. Take care!

  11. oh that stinks!! the warm weather is coming and will make her fell better!


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