Saturday, May 12, 2012

Amazing and Awesome Power

Good Saturday Afternoow, I sure hope you are having an awesome day. I know from visiting, some of you have plans of visiting, yard sells, cleaning and rearranging; baking, cooking and getting thing together for Sunday. Quite a busy day for most of you.
  James and I are porch sitting today and watching neighbors and folks' in the community scurry about with seemingly plenty to do.
Children are in the park laughing and playing although it rained last night. I suppose it is a good way to get them out of the house on a busy day.
  Our porch sitting also including watching the skies for clouds, but it was too cloudy. We talked about them and decided to find something to research. We found some rather awesome weather pics. Tornadoes, wall clouds, rare clouds, amazing storms, even a fire tornado. Pic of hurricane in the Bermuda Triangle, ocean waves, awesome rainbows, etc. We'd like to share them with you. Enjoy!
                      "God's Awesome Display of Power"

All Photos from Bing 

An Awesome and Powerful God indeed! Wishing you a lovely weekend with friends and family!

All The Best From...
James and Loretta                                  


  1. Loretta, I agree He is a powerful God. It is amazing to think how small we are in comparison to His power. Those photos are amazing but I think I prefer the ones with the beautiful rainbow. It looks like we are in for a storm shortly but nothing like your photos, I hope. Have a wonderful Mother's Day! -----------Shannon

  2. Amazing photos, Loretta! Have a happy Mother's Day!!

  3. Amazing photos and a beautiful display of God's powers.

  4. I will take the rainbow, too. Spent a lovely afternoon with my Bible study group. Thanks so much for your prayers and good wishes. Hope James is doing well.

  5. Awesome photos, thanks for searching them out. Have a terrific Mother's Day.

  6. Hi Loretta, it sounds like a nice weekend for you and James. So glad the two of you can share time relaxing on the porch.

    These photos are breathtaking and I love weather pics and clouds.

    Have a Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Happy Mother's Day, dear one.
    xo bj


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