Monday, February 27, 2012

Downton Abbey 's Season 2 Ends

  I, for one, am sadden to see this show's season final episode. It is the sort of television shows that I can sit and watch without flinching. Sunday night's will not be the same without this entertaining show.

  However, fortunate for us die-hard viewers, season 3 is already shooting mode and we will have Downton Abbey back in our line-up again in the fall. It promises to be a grand season with actress Shirley MacLaine joining the cast. It will certainly give viewers much to look forward to.

It is said, Maggie Smith, the out-spoken matriarchal Dowager Countess will clash with MacLaine's character, Martha Levinson, the American mother of Lady Cora. Both women have equal personalities, and is sure to keep the storylines hot. 
Did you hear the funny, deserving line the Countess spoke to Sir Richards last eve?
Him: I'm afraid I will not see you again Countess.
Her: Oh, do you promise! For me it was the highlight of her delivery! I am looking forward to the new season 3!
  Do you think Anna's husband, Mister Bates will get out of prison? Will the sneaky O'Brian reveal her part in giving his ex-wife information? How long will Thomas keep getting-away-with-it... before he is found out? Oh, the thrill of it all!
  It looks as if today will be a great day, and it is my wish that yours' is to! Take Care...

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  1. Lots of bloggers have enjoyed "DA," but I never got into it. And I adore Maggie Smith, too. So... I probably should have.

    And now you say that Shirley MacLaine will join the cast. And be a foil, for Maggie Smith's character! Oh how delicious!!!!!

    Betcha' I'll be watching the next Season!!!! Thank you for telling me this.

    "May night had fallen soft and warm,
    enwrapping with its grape-bloom colour and its scents
    the billion caprices, intrigues, passions, longings,
    and regrets of men and women."

    ~The Forsyte Saga Quotes

  2. Loretta,
    Hi! You have been tagged by me. Hope you can participate in Mary Sullivan Frasiers fun Meme she started at

  3. When does season 5 of Doc Martin begin? I have seen a couple of DA episodes, but Netflix has spoiled me. I like watching lots of episodes at one time. I will start watching DA soon on Netflix.

  4. Don't you just hate when "your" show ends for the season. I'm not a big tv watcher but I do have a few favorites and I really hate to see them end.
    It's the same for ending a good book!
    You're left with that *now what* feeling.
    I've never seen Downtown Abbey but have heard from many that it is good.

  5. this must be the show to watch!!! i keep reading great things about might be something finally worth watching

  6. My husband and I really like Downton Abbey. The Abbey is beautiful, the people are beautiful, the stories are wonderful (even though a little soap-opra-ish). I can't wait until next season!

  7. I havent gotten into DA although everyone I know has... I read books as much as possible so when Tv is on it is usually hubby watching. LJ


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