Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Sunday Dinner Is Ready

Good Sunday To Everyone!

We hope you are having the best Sunday! I started cooking yesterday and finished today. It helps not to push it when trying to do a task, and that keeps me from having to give up all together. It is good that I've developed a high tolerance to pain...however, as I've mentioned before, the pain is different now, more intense. I'm getting by and have a doc's appointment later next week. I might have to give it up and get that injection that I hate so much!
  Hubster is happy because he can sit down and enjoy this southern meal he's had a hankering for about a month. (his words).

  The Menu for today: Chicken fried pork chops, pinto beans with ham over rice, fried okra with potatoes (a Georgia favorite), southern-skillet cornbread, smothered cabbage, iced tea, some trimmings; and for dessert...Berry Cobbler!

Click on the pics to see meal better.

I'm trying to make sure you'll able to see it all. I cooked the beans, rice, cabbage  and cobbler yesterday, and the okra, pork chops and corn bread today.

I couldn't get the cabbage on the plate with the dinner...too much, so I put on a diferent plate so you can see them better!  I cook this way so we can have leftovers for next week. However, in case you aren't aware, southerner's always cook a meal that looks like this!

 I'm trying to get this done, because I 've about played out!

Hubster surprised me by serving the cobbler china! He said this cobbler should be "don' up right"...
LOL. When he talked to his mom, he told her the cobbler was "mighty tasty" That's good coming from him!

  I hope your family dinner is/was a good one and you're enjoying family on these crisp autumn days. We all somhow, someway are experiencing some kind of ailments and problems, but we must carry on with the help of the Lord, the only way we can make it! Relying on Him is all we can do...

 Remember, Keep Smiling and take care of yourselves. Tomorrow will be a brighter day!
Love you all!


  1. Thanks for the invite. I'll be right over!

  2. Mmmm thats my kind of food! Looks yummy!! ((hugs)) to you!

  3. Loretta that cobbler looks great you should give us the recipe I think its a great winter treat.

  4. Your dinner looks so good!
    Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  5. You know all you had to do was say Sunday dinner and I would come running. Everything looks delicious. You have 3 meals there! Believe it or not, I am eating dinner as I type. Pan seared chicken breast with a wonderful little rub I create with sauteed spinach. It was actually very good. I made dessert yesterday. It was a fantastic apple crisp. I try to keep everything kind of on the light side. After 2 bites of the chicken I was stuffed, but I kept going. LOL! Thanks for inspiring me to get back to coooking. Hugs!

  6. Oh please don't try to do more than you feel comfortable with!!
    Your meals always look so delicious. I could go for that cobbler as my main course. Yum!

  7. The dinner looks delicious right down to the berry cobbler. I love the china. You are a great cook :-)

  8. Looks tasty! When the weather cools down, I make soup and bread every Sunday. I used to make a dessert, but we always visit my mother-in-law on Sunday night and she feeds my husband non-stop cookies. Your cobbler looked very yummy!


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