Friday, March 25, 2011

Cleaning Is Over, I'm Back!

Yes, I'm Done! Well as much as I'm planning to do.  Did you get a chance to check out my post on cleaning pots. It's here don't miss it! Some of you were inquiring about the method.
 I'll be going out to hunt for some treasures tomorrow. I want to find more white pieces so, here I am again shopping for certain pieces. Well, if I don't find them, I'll no doubt see something else I might fancy.
 Don't forget to check out my secound blog to see how I've planted my veggie garden. My Azaleas are so full of blooms, I took some pics, but will take more when they are all in full bloom. Enjoy!

The Spireas are huge! Mom refuses to cut them! I'm going to leave them just the way she wants them even though she doesn't live here anymore! As you can see, tall pines are everywhere in the yard, and really need to come down, guessed it...Mom!
 I've taken pics from different azaleas, so you are looking at different types. The pink and white ones will be ready next week. The camellias didn't do well this year. I think it was because of the very cold weather we experienced. Again Enjo,y and in case you don't hear from me again, have a happy and safe weekend! Luv-Loretta


  1. Morning, Loretta. What beautiful blooms!! I like your garden :o) Is it warm there? The UK has been basking in sunshine and warm weather all week. It's fairly cloudy now, but I'm hoping it will warm up soon as the mums from my church are going out to Amerton Farm for the afternoon. Tomorrow is Mother's Day here.
    Have a blessed weekend :o)

  2. Mrs. Loretta everything is looking grand in your yard!


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