Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Thrift Finds

Our thrift shopping recently brought us to a little town on the outskirts of Louisiana and Texas. A little dusty shop tucked in back of another building seemingly drew us inside. The entire place was dusty and damp. However, the little old lady was very friendly. She told us she was happy we were there, because she needed our help. We smiled when she lead us to the back and outside, then asked my husband if he would do a little moving and lifting. While he helped her, I browsed around, and after a while he returned dusty and just about ready to leave.
 We were making our way to the door as the shopkeeper talked encouraging us to look around. And then, we spotted the pots! After looking them over, imagine our surprise when she said she'd take $3 for them all! She was so thankful for my husband helping her and not taking any money, so she did this! Reluctantly, we agreed and after having tea, and more talking and giving me things, we finally got out with the promise of coming again soon!

Notice the before pics. These pots were a mess! But upon examining them, I knew what was underneath!
We have 2 pots and a tea kettle in the Revere, and there are a total of ten pieces of the waterless cookware!
Wouldn't you say we had a successful day of shopping and all for $3 and a little work!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I will definitely not pass by one of those pots again. Did they really clean up that pretty or are those a different set?
    Come on over and follow me. I'm following you now!

  2. Yes they really did clean up well! I suppose it's the quality of, and that was what I saw upon inspecting them. And, no they are the same! Just take your time, look through the clutter and you'll find some beautiful things. I'm thinking they were so bad the owner just tossed them out! Thank you for coming over! Luv-Loretta
    Keep in touch!

  3. That is so amazing ~ isn't it great to be able to see hidden beauty!! Judi

  4. Wow I can't believe you cleaned those pots that well - but I should have known lol! VCR

  5. Wow, you were able to do that? Amazing! I see those old pans and the GW and keep on walking. I might have to consider them next time!

    Now following!


  6. Great find!! I never think to look at the pots n pans!!

  7. Hi Loretta,

    This transformation is amazing! How did you do that? Any tips on cleaning copper pans?

    I'm now following along and look forward to your posts!

    Thank you for the sweet email!

    Warm Weekend Wishes,


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