Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beauty Springs Forth

Good Morning Friends. What a gloomy morning, rain and bad weather has been forecast for us today. We are in for some intense storms. I love rainy days, but the storms are scary not only for me but my fur-babies!
 I walked outside this morning feeling blue and the sky was gray and overcast. I looked at all those leaves that had to be raked; those limbs and pine combs that has to be picked up; and the muck that had to be removed. Oh my, it only added to my blue mood. But, through it all, how can it be? Beauty stood out like a beacon from the ground with colors that were so deep and so honest. How could they possibly be this beautiful in all this dark and gloom?
 How I admired their beautiful smile through it all! Imagine my awe as I looked upon their beauty with faces turned to where the sun should have been. A kiss of early morning dew glistened, and a smile tugged at the corners of my mouth when our faces met.
  How can it be? I mused. Through the hard packed earth full of rotting leaves and debris, yes this beauty seemingly ignored it's surroundings and dutifully performed. After all, it was on cue...the call of nature brought them forth to put on a show, and what a show-piece they are!
  Behold, the graceful and beautiful...their announcement is clear! Spring is in the air!


  1. Aren't they just gorgeous? Our daffodils are blooming too...Christine

  2. Very sweet post, made me forget about the gloom we are experiencing. I read your sweet comment today and was going to email you back and then saw your email to me!! And now I am a follower...I know what it's like to just start out and it's a good feeling to know people are reading what you have to say. Keep up the great posts and thanks so much for following my blog!! :-)


  3. Hi Loretta!
    I hope this works! Oh~ I love your daffodils, they are so beautiful! I won't see mine for a while, there's about 2feet of snow, and more than that in other spots in my yard! I hope you have a good weekend. I have to work. Boo hoo! LOL!
    I am thankful, don't get me wrong, I am just very tired!

  4. hiya- just popped over to say thanks for following my blog, Have a lovely weekend


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