Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This Week is busy At Home

I have been so busy lately with my to-do-list and seemingly a million other things to do, I'm wondering if I will ever get it all done! I decided in order for thing to start flowing smoothly, is to prioritize, starting with my Bible studying. I've collected all study aids so I can delve, with prayer, right into getting a deeper understanding of the things I'm researching.(Proverbs 2:1-6). Thankfully this has now been accomplished!
 Now, for that long list. There is sooo much to do! I need to hurry and get seeds ordered for our spring garden. The wearher has been so unpredictable and it's hard to start working the soil now. Row covers are ok, but I don't like them.
Seed Catologues

               I have to start on this jewelry and finish up some other pieces. 

My poor babies have been wearing jammie's for months. I need to start making spring dresses and other outfits for them. And then, there are my five fur-babies, who need grooming. I'm thinking strongly about calling their groomer, Marva but, I forgot to make their appointment! Oh my! What am I going to do now?
There really needs to be two of me right about now!! All I can say is...I'll keep you posted on my progress. 


  1. Hi, Loretta! Good luck with your To-Do list. My to-do list is so long, it is overwhelming! I hope that you have better luck with completing yours than I have had with mine. ;) At least some of yours look fun (like the jammies for the dolls!) - keep us posted!

  2. Thanks Gloria,You can do it! Just one task a day! That's what I keep telling myself. lol


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