Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello and Welcome Friends

We are happy you stopped by our little corner in Louisiana. Sit a while, have a cuppa while I tell you a little about us. I tend to get a bit long-winded, but if you let me finish this up now, then I will not have to bother you with it again. lol
 "At Home with Loretta" is a weekly newspaper column that I pen for our hometown paper. It delivers simple, yet sound advice on how to live and enjoy living better lives. It's not about where you live, but how you live your life. I'll share tips on an array of subjects. And, if you have something you want to talk about share it with us. I enjoy cooking and baking as much as you and I'll share with you!
 I also love the mellowness of the past, the vintage jewelry, old homes, etc. I tend my own garden and have been quite successful with a number of veggies. It's good for our readers to have the ability to see what we are discussing, so I'll include photos. However, let me warn you now, I'm not a food stylist, nor a photographer, so if my pics are a little out of focus, don't shoot the messenger. Of course, I will definitely have to tell you about my 5 fur-babies. If you get full of it all...YELL! Seriously, just let me know.
 I love comments, so leave them often! However, I will not be able to accept awards and will be tag free due to my busy, busy schedule and deadlines. Thank you for thinking of me and please know your comments will mean so much more.
 You will find, I love what I do, and hope you will enjoy my sharing my love of different things with you. My husband James and I live a simple life. I suppose you can look upon me as a farmgirl...plain and simple.
 I'm new to this blogging thing, so if I send you a email asking, will you help me? I don't know everything, I don't claim to. I read, I research, and I listen and learn. Some things I've experienced. And so, I suppose I can offer words of wisdom.
 However, I do know I can count on you, your comments, even your advise; your trust and your love. So keep visiting with us and we'll learn a little from each other. Don't forget to comment when you visit.
 Take care of yourselves and Pray for wisdom and knowledge of God's word, especially peace for all mankind. Luv


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  2. It appears that quite a bit of thought has gone into this. I hope many, if not all will at least visit the site. I cannot believe that you have a green thumb.

  3. I have been trying to make a comment for a few days now. I like what I see and hear. Make us proud, I know you will. Stay real and imaginative.


  4. Just wanted to say Good Luck with your new blogs! Your column sounds lovely and I look forward to visiting you.

  5. Gloria your comments really touch me! Thanks somehow seem small. I will continue to visit with you as I have in the past.
    My Warmest Regards, Loretta

  6. Thanks so much my dear friend. I will do my best. Always, Loretta


Thanks for commenting. Your feedback is very helpful. Do come again to visit us at our house,you are always welcome!

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