Saturday, November 14, 2015

I'm Fulfilling One Of My Passions

  It is Happy Days In Our Home Again! Hello to All....
I don't know where to start, it has been a long hard journey back 
to everything, but, with the Lord's help, "I'm back with Family 
and Friends," of course, I didn't forget my friends here. I had to 
stop and check the date of my last post...It was June of 2014. 
  I want to share with you: Shortly afterwards, my life changed and was downhill from then on. If you can remember I lost my country home and everything inside. I thought I was handling it all well, however, one by one...then, with one crushing blow, I lost it all including my sanity... yes, a complete breakdown! It took months for me to just "feel" and, "want" to live my life again. 
  I've made a complete recovery and have a new outlook on everything with my Spirituality in the forefront.
  Okay, enough about this. Oh, one point I forgot and don't know how, James, by the way, sends his regards; Yes, he was there through it all and did what he could to take care of me. No, I wasn't mean or anything like that, but very clingy and dependent. He never complained or denied me anything. I can say without any doubt: "I am truly blessed."
  Please, let us know how you've been and what I've missed... I 
saw an e-mail from Mildred...I forget her last name, but I believe she was saying she'd moved. Can anyone tell me about her?
  I am so happy to be able to reach out to you again. I'll do what I can to share when possible. Take really good care... until next time...

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. so glad you're happy and whole again; praise God for His gifts. if you mean Mildred in GA---?--- she's living in GA and sometimes blogging at

  2. Oh Loretta. You poor darling. How horrific for you and yours. I am so glad you are well again and on the road back. That would have flattened anybody. I am so happy to see your post...sending healing hugs and prayers xxx

  3. Hi Loretta, I am so glad you are well to blog again. You have had your trials. We too have had some rough patches. Hubby has had 3 bouts of cancer in the past 2 and a half years and myself many flare ups with the ulcerative colitis. We can only thank the Good Lord we are making it through. I still have your plates and little cups on my shelves that I won in your give a way many moons ago and have thought of you often when I look at them. Notice I didn't say dust them ... I don't do that as often as I should, lol... Welcome back to blogland. Hugs, LJ

  4. Loretta! It's so good to hear from you again. I'm so sorry to hear about your troubled times. Brought tears to my eyes. Glad you decided to come back to us. Please give my friend James a hug from me. Look forward to seeing more posts from you.

  5. It has been a long while. Glad to see you back, and hoping things are much better this year!


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